Wholesale VoIP and TDM Solutions
ALENA’s cutting edge multipoint VoIP and TDM networks carry hundreds of millions of minutes of voice traffic for Europe’s leading incumbent and tier-1 carriers.

The core focus of our VoIP network is to terminate large volumes of traffic to “difficult” destinations:

• Countries with few interconnected carriers

• Countries with few quality routes

• Countries at war

Our customers being national carriers, we understand their need for high-quality derived from high-demanding customers.

Alena’s success in delivering high-quality routes to difficult destinations comes from the unparalleled know-how in difficult territories operations combined with the company’s executives exclusive network of contacts in the telecommunications industry worldwide.

If you’re a tier-1, incumbent or mobile carrier and need to massively improve your margins to expensive destinations while maintaining your customers satisfied, then contact us.

Wholesale routing
Especially designed for Retailers, this unique routing table offers:

- 100% CLI transmission guaranteed for >95% of the worldwide destinations

- Rates guaranteed monthly

- Roaming for mobile destinations

- Dedicated/Customer base routing

- Fax transmission even on VoIP interconnections

Our rates are based on high quality termination (our own directs or single transit via historical incumbents) rather than Least Cost Routing.

VoIP and Global Voice for Enterprises
Strong of its experience of servicing over 50% of Europe’s national and tier-1 carrier.

ALENA offers customized Voice services to enterprises, and most notably:

• Worldwide high-quality Voice over IP routing at wholesale prices

• Worldwide high-quality routing to mobile networks at below normal wholesale prices

• Customized intranet web calling solution

• Online and real-time reporting and management of all services

If you’re an Enterprise, or an International Organization, than don’t wait to get the same prices your current operator gets, contact us for a personalized offer.

Ict Services
Providing all around ICT services to Small and Medium Business focused on "open source instruments". in collaboration with UCSC University of Milan we have selected and efficiently customized a set of software released with licenses complying to the Open Source Definition.

Address: Piazza IV Novembre, 7, 20124, Milan
Phone: +39 0236548569